A possible strike of Muni drivers has been (thus far) avoided. Which means commuters only have to worry about their bus coming 20 minutes late rather than at all. Contract negotiations between Muni management and the drivers/mechanics union, TWA Local 250 A, had been stalling, but it seems both sides came to their senses.

Of course, this could also be attributed to Proposition G, which if you remember from past November elections, stated that if negotiations between the two parties stalled then a third-party arbitrator would be called in. The threat seemed to work.

According to the SF Weekly, “…the contents of the three-year deal [under negotiation], which would save $21 million, includes pay freezes, new discipline rules, and redefining what constitutes overtime work. All of this will give Muni management a little more power and authority over its operators, who until now, received automatic raises without collective bargaining.”

But, there’s still time for more contention; the union doesn’t vote on the new contract until June 8th.

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