Umami–one of LA’s most popular hamburger destinations, recently named GQ Magazine’s Burger of the Year, is headed our way.

I’ve been a big fan of this Southern California institution for years now, and watched with delight as it slowly grew to include nearly a half-dozen Los Angeles County locations. Imagine my elation when I heard the recent news that Adam Fleischman, maestro of meat, was planning to expand nationally, beginning with our own beautiful hometown:

“We’re targeting SF first [coming later this year], after our continued LA expansion. We’re looking to do three to four and looking in the Marina. There was a space reported that we were gonna take, but we backed out of that one,” he says. “The Mission, Oakland and Palo Alto, and Downtown.”

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These hand-ground, grass-fed gourmet burgers are offered in a number of mouth-watering varieties. My personal favorite is the Manly Burger (pictured above) consisting of a juicy, fatty beef patty topped with melted “beer” cheddar cheese, crispy-salted fried onions and savory bacon lardons. Okay, that’s it, I refuse to talk about it anymore until it’s actually here.

So, get ready San Francisco for the newest glorious addition to our unsurpassed culinary landscape. I literally cannot wait. In fact, I might just have to drive down to LA right now after talking about it so much.

Sample menu here.