Gearing up for sun and warm weather continues with this Saison/Farmhouse ale from Pretty Things. Be sure to try this beer for an idle summer afternoon’s sipping.

Pour Jack D’Or in a glass to admire the opaque, golden wheat hue of the beer topped with its frothy, white head. The dominating scents at play are yeast, wheat and banana though the beer offers a more abundant bouquet of flavors. Chamomile, clove, and citrus pop out, along with the characteristics of the Belgian yeast, and accompany a floral undertone from the hops. The thick body from the sweet, grainy malt and the light effervescence make for a good mouth feel. Try this with soft, mild cheeses such as brie or camembert, or with bananas and toasted almonds to bring out the sweet, fruity and spicy flavors.

Overall, this is a solid beer that deserves a slow drinking. If you like Belgians with a crafty American twist, you won’t be disappointed.




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