Another restaurant bites the dust on 16th Street. As one alarmed Twitterer stated “16th street renovation, first il cantuccio, then ti couz, now bangkok 16?” It is a Mission eatery apocalypse?

Has the gourmet foodie scene in the Mission grown so quickly and so fast that it used up all it’s “fuel” is now imploding like a supernova? Or is it more a matter of the old making way for the new?

The three recent closings were all old mainstays (the term ‘old’ is used relatively here) and perhaps it was just their time to go. According to Eater SF, the reason behind Thai joint Bangkok 16’s shutdown was retirement.

And with each closing, it brings the opportunity for fresh blood to move into these prime locations causing a sense of excitement and revitalization to an ever-changing corridor.

Photo credit: Bangkok 16