Millions of people remember the character from Seinfeld, the famed “Soup Nazi.” But Al Yeganeh, the legendary SoupMan, is actually a real person and has a real soup shop in New York. And now, he’s coming to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Yeganeh’s first West Coast shop will be opening its doors on Thursday. Part of the grand opening celebration is expected to include Hall of Fame baseball player Reggie Jackson.

The opening will also include the premier of a new cioppino recipe that he has been perfecting.

Good or bad, Yeganeh gained unbelievable fame from the character that played him on Seinfeld, who was known as “The Soup Nazi” and for crying out “No soup for you,” as seen below.

The Original SoupMan will be opening at 79 Jefferson Street on Thursday, May 19 at noon.

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