Pepper RabbitEver had one of those weeks where you get buried in the same-old, same-old of the iTunes Recently Played list? This morning I dug out and rediscovered some oldies-but-goodies, including this one from LA indie/baroque pop duo Pepper Rabbit. If you like your Beirut and Grizzly Bear with clarinets, horns, and banjos aplenty, keep your ears peeled.

“Older Brother” starts off with some simple ukulele chords and a chiming melody, and stays sparse throughout even as Xander Singh and Luc Laurent add drums, piano and organ. It’s a definite highlight of their debut Beauregard, which dropped last fall on Kanine Records. Word on the street is we’re getting a new LP this summer.

For now, please enjoy “Older Brother.”


Pepper Rabbit, “Older Brother”