After several years producing hit singles for artists like Sean Paul and Mavado, reggae king Serani focused on his own albums and has since risen to fame more publicly among the mainstream audience. He performs tonight at Milk Bar as part of a weekly Jamaican music showcase.

Serani played a large part of popular reggae music production in the mid-2000s, a time when the sound was building speed especially among American club crowds as well as British. His goal was to fuse the sound of authentic Jamaican music with pop so that the words were more clear and beats more danceable; quickly showing success with his breakthrough hit production on Sean Paul’s “We Be Burning.”

Serani has had some hit singles of his own but continues to be highly sought after for production by numerous up-and-comers in the Jamaican scene looking to make their mainstream debut among the Billboard charts and radio stations in the US. His hit song “No Games” was a recent favorite, mixing dancehall style with an RnB beat.


Serani “No Games”

Jah Warrior Shelter Hi Fi presents “Bless Up” featuring Serani at Milk Bar tonight, Tuesday, May 3 at 10PM.