I love me a supergroup, and with a no-fail combo like this you should too. Isaiah Mitchell from the San Diego marathon-song psych outfit Earthless and Phil Manley from Prog-rock specialists Trans Am are playing this Thursday night at The Hemlock.

From what I hear, you should be prepared for the loudest, most awesome noodle-drone fest your little ears have ever been exposed to. You may want to spend the next three days at the Audium to prepare your face for the melting.

Earthless on record are incredible, but live they are entrancing. Pounding through minute after minute of pulsating, driven, hardened grooves (forgive me but I find this word to be particularly fitting for this band), seconds turn to minutes, and when you come to, the set is over, drummer Mario Rubalcaba is drenched and you aren’t sure but you think you dropped your beer 20 minutes in.

I’m not usually one for repetition but somehow Earthless has the ability to trap you within this endless…groove (there it is again!) that is both relentless and addictive. You want to see this through. You must ride the train until the last stop. You are hooked.

I feel the same could be said about Maryland-based Trans Am. With so many of their songs stemming from a dance-style foundation of repetition it’s in the layers where the listener becomes engaged, committed to riding that train, high on…that groove, son!

Apparently, the story of this sacred union goes as such: Manley was guided by his spiritual advisor to team up with Mitchell and release an album consisting of one continuous guitar solo. The two locked themselves in the studio and recorded Norcal Values (Thrill Jockey) in one take with no overdubs.

The limited-edition pressing was distributed to select independent record stores to be made available on Record Store Day (April 16th). A live performance in Aquarius Records followed the release and those of us who missed the memo have the opportunity to repent our sins and go check this Holy Wonder out live on Thursday at The Hemlock Tavern. Earplugs and beer-belt highly recommended.

Doors are at 9pm. Tickets are $7.  Sean Smith provides main support with The Singleman Affair opening.