What better place to be in the country kicking off your next Presidential election than San Francisco on 4/20? What I want to know is which hapless staffer decided to kick off President Obama’s 2012 campaign on this day of all days in a town with pot dispensaries on every other corner and not notice the corollary. Really.

But that’s neither here nor there. What is really important is where the President’s motorcade is heading and how you can avoid the massive traffic snarls that are sure to follow in their wake on Wednesday.

The SF Appeal has a nifty breakdown. According to them, Air Force One is scheduled to touchdown in SFO at 1pm. Then Obama will head down to Palo Alto for that on-line Facebook Town Hall event at 1:45pm. And then it’s back up to SF for some insanely expensive ($35,800 a head) SF fundraiser at the Pac Heights home of Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff. Can you imagine blowing that much cash for a political donation? No? Me neither.

But there’s no rest for the weary – the Prez will then zip across town to a $25 (ah, that’s more reasonable) campaign rally at the Nob Hill Masonic Hall. Sorry, folks, it is completely sold out.

After that President Obama will catch some snooze at the SoMa InterContinental and then have an early morning breakfast at the donut shop on 6th and Market. Just kidding, there is no donut shop there and, anyway, Obama will be at the St. Regis at a $5000/plate event.

At 10:45am on April 21, the President will head back to SFO.

Plan your commutes accordingly!

For more, go here.

Photo via SF Weekly