The past weekend I took a trip to Miami and the ever popular topic of restaurants in San Francisco emerged. One friend was a former native to San Francisco and asked me if I had been to Citrus Club – the local go-to spot in Haight Ashbury. 

He described the noodle shop as the best place for a bowl of piping hot noodles on a cold day when a scarf, peacoat and boots just are not doing the job. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to try Citrus Club yet. I must admit, I had heard of the Haight restaurant but harbored a bit of disbelief that a good noodle place could exist outside the Tenderloin, Inner Richmond or China Town. Yet it seems life is fixed on proving me wrong.

After touching down at SFO last night, I received a text from an unrelated friend inviting me to dinner at Citrus Club. It was too late to saddle up in time for dinner but with two recommendations in less than 24 hours, my mission became clear.  I wholeheartedly accept my destiny to slurp noodles in the heart of the Haight; where hippies, the Panhandle and quality thrift shopping unite.

Menu items that capture my attention from a quick perusal online?

1) Garlic beef and shitake mushroom noodles over chow fun – thick chow fun noodles are my absolute favorite

2) Shrimp wonton soup – whenever the sky is cloudy and the temperature requires an extra layer, wonton soup always sounds rightfully appealing.

3) Orange mint noodles (thin egg noodles, sprouts, carrots, cilantro with fresh orange mint sauce) – fresh and light

I will also most likely kick off the meal with some house-garlic edamame.  With the majority of dishes priced between $5 and $10, a trip to Citrus Club will not break the bank.

Will be sure to follow up with the verdict.

Citrus Club

1790 Haight St

Photo credit: Citrus Club

Anne Pao is a contributing food writer for SF Station and Yum.  When she is not satisfying carnivorous tendencies, you can find her adventuring in the Bay area outdoors.  For more Pao reads check out her blog at