This post on Zagat is actually pretty interesting. It breaks down what each major player in a restaurant garners along with some insider info that you may not have even crossed your mind.

The obvious low-man on the totem pole is the busboy who makes a measly $5.95–$8.07. However, the job apparently comes with a major job perk: “Meeting good-looking, horny waiters and waitresses.” Well, them. At the top of the echelon is the General Manager who can make $40,000–$60,000 annually. However, dealing with difficult customers and the long hours don’t make this position look that fulfilling.

All in all, it looks like pretty much every job in a restaurant, with maybe the exception of the Beverage Director, totally sucks.

For the full piece, go here.

[via Eater]

Photo credit: Zagat