Headed down to Coachella this weekend? While you’re dancing your heart away and baking in the relentless sun, make sure to take a break and visit the Do LaB — the epicenter of art at the festival.

Since 2005, Do LaB has designed and constructed some of the most ambitious outdoor festival structures and largest art installations in the world, and this year promises more music, more art, and more performances.

In the seven years that the Do LaB has participated at Coachella, it has morphed from a single dome and a few sculptures to the hub of the art scene at the three-day festival. And this isn’t your typical art gallery — the Do LaB pulses with its own beat, live painting performances, DJ booths, watering stations, and dance floors. It’s the home base for many Coachella revelers, a resting spot for sun-weary booty shakers, and a musical setting for those looking for a more intimate DJ and performance experience.

The lineup this year is looking fantastic, with appearances by the Lucent Dossier Experience, Freq Nasty, and Kraddy, along with twenty-eight other artists and Djs.

Of course, there are tons of other art installations and performance spaces at Coachella. The Creators Project worked directly with some of the bands to help create and integrate some art pieces into the stages themselves. There will also be three-dimensional art pieces that pulsate to the music and play with the idea of sound space and performance. All signs point to an enormously positive, ground-breaking, and truly unique experience. And besides, everyone loves a good misting spot.