The city, fans and team have been able to revel in World Series glory for a few months. And even though we’ve had a few preseason games at AT&T and our Giants have played six games, this weekend will be a culmination, the true homecoming. Make it to the ballpark (there were still tickets on Thursday), watch and/or dvr the games. The pre-game flag raising and ring ceremony will be great shared moments.

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  • An Opening Day for (All) Ages
  • Opening Day: San Francisco Giants Theme Music!
  • Giant players seem to be keeping this weekend in perspective.

    “It’s the last time in any official capacity that you’ll be brought back to last year. From then on, it’s moving forward,” “But it’s neat. It’s something special that the fans and everybody will find unique. Those fans are lucky to be witness to it.” – Aaron Rowand

    After all, we’re just beginning a 162 game grind.