Today I’m starting off the new column of weekly beer reviews with my thoughts on Hop Crisis from 21st Amendment Brewery. This one’s sure to get you thirsty!

Hop Crisis is an imperial IPA which is lightly golden in color, with tones leaning more towards bright yellow than dark amber or red. This is one of 21st Amendment’s hoppiest, brewed with 3 kinds of bittering hops and 4 kinds of dry hops, though despite this the malty backbone has a caramel-like sugariness that prevents the bitterness from overwhelming the flavor.

The hop and malt contents complement each other well in this beer. It’s also this sort of balance that prevents the strong alcohol content from dominating the flavor and scent, though it’s strength can definitely be detected. The light, fluffy head gives the beer a clean, white foam which captures the aromas of pine and citrus (think grapefruit) and gives a crisp, medium-bodied mouth feel. Pair this with chicken wings or fish and chips, as the bitter content and body will cut the grease well; or, try it with a lemon or orange pound cake to bring out the citrus and floral flavors from the dry hops. The drinkability is comparable to a regular IPA, so remember it’s strength before you throw back another!

Overall I appreciate the balance this beer has to offer and it’s ease of drinkability. It’s a great hoppy beer, with a lightness I don’t often find in regular IPAs. I’d give this one a 4/5.

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