Hungry? Want something quick from a food truck but have no idea where to go looking for one? Ever been out late and gotten the munchies and had an easier time getting a cab in the Mission than finding some grub? Then Roaming Hunger‘s new free iPhone app will be an appetite game-changer.

Now you can start tracking food trucks with ease. You don’t have to follow twenty different twitter feeds and then look up each truck on a map. The apps provide a real-time location for your favorite gourmet food trucks and carts right on a map.


– real time food truck location map so you can find food trucks

– detailed food truck profiles

– delicious menus

– food truck pictures

As with the app, you can also track trucks from the Roaming Hunger web site where you can track via Lunch (11am – 4pm), Dinner (4-9pm) or Late Night (9pm – 3am) hours.

Did I mention the app is free?