Lucca Delicatessen on Valencia. It’s a little taste of Italy right when you walk in the door.

Imported anitpasta, sardines, olives, and wines straight from Italy. The spicy and mild Italian sausage is made by New York Sausage Company out of San Jose, they are a close second to the Molinari found in North Beach. The boys in back picked up some great salami on the road and also import parma ham and other prosciutto from Italy.

If you want a great sandwich try the porchetta, an Italian seasoned pork roast that is thinly sliced and slapped on to a toasted roll. Known for their specialty Ravioli (hence the name) with a selection of Beef, Turkey, Spinach, and Cheese Ravioli– no need to cook when you stop by this little shop. Lucca has some of the finest and most fresh Italian foods and they are all available to-go.