Shelley Lindgren, the wine director and co-owner of San Francisco’s A16 and SPQR, is making it easier for customers to grab that favorite bottle of wine that they haven’t been able to track down.

After years of having patrons ask about those obscure Italian wines the restaurants serve, Lindgren and her team have now launched a monthly wine club.

Customers can choose from three different options: the SPQR Monthly, the SPQR EveryOther Month and the A16 and SPQR Combo.

The SPQR Monthly would ship out three bottles a month, focusing mainly on wines from northern Italy.

The EveryOther Month club would offer the same wines as the monthly, except with shipments coming every other month.

And the combo features wines from both northern and southern Italy.

The price per shipment for each membership is $95.

The first orders are scheduled to be shipped out in April.

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Photo Credit: Lucarelli, via Wikimedia Commons