10 years after dropping the nearly flawless (in this humble blogger’s opinion) Is This It, former kings of the New York garage rock revival The Strokes are back with Angles, their 4th studio album and the first anyone’s heard from them since 2006.

First single “Under the Cover of Darkness” hit the Internetz a few weeks ago, and now you can stream the entire album from the band’s official site until the March 22 release date.

The guys got a lot of flack in the blogosphere for treading well-worn territory with the aforementioned tune, but a lot of this album is dancier and less heavy on the signature Albert Hammond Jr./Nick Valensi double guitar onslaught.  Album opener “Machu Picchu” is basically a disco song, and my (thus far) favorite track “Games” boasts a leading keyboard riff straight out of New Order.  And sometimes they sound like Muse, for better or for worse.

Check it out for yourself here, and feel free to sound off in the comments section.