It’s a sad day for hip-hop fans and those of use who came of age during the birth of the G Funk Era, when rappers like Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Warren G were on top, and if it was a hit, more often then not Nate Dogg was singing the hook. He passed away last night at the age of 41.

Nate Dogg had the voice that would immediately get stuck in your head and bounce around with you for the remainder of the day — even if what he was singing something ridiculously raunchy, like his verse on Snoop’s “It Ain’t No Fun.” How many times have you watched a party go off when a DJ drops that track?

He’s been missed over the passed few years as he’s suffered from poor health, and the void will remain now that he is gone. Another great American singer joins the club up above. RIP.

A few of my favorite tracks over the years:

Warren G – “Regulators”

The song that started brought Nate Dogg to the world.