New SF Parking App

Have you ever repeatedly circled a 3-block radius looking for a free parking spot in complete frustration? Well, your days of desperately seeking out parking may be over. Or, well, at least somewhat eased. Introducing SFMTA’s new iPhone app, SFPark.

According to SF Streetsblog, “The maps [on the iPhone app] will color-code blocks, with dark blue indicating there are available parking spaces, light blue showing fewer spaces, and red suggesting drivers park elsewhere. Each public garage in the program will be indicated with a large P icon and will be represented with the same color scheme.”

Unfortunately the app won’t highlight individual metered-parking spots because they don’t want to take the chance of drivers fighting over spots, which they may have targeted beforehand on their phones, like a bunch of wild men in a Mad Max movie.

In addition to the app, of course, is the introduction of 27,000 fancy new parking meters at which you can pay with your debit/credit cards OR with your phone. Hooray! No more carting around a baggie full of quarters and sundry change. However, it should be noted that you won’t be able to pay with your phone until later this year and this service is still awaiting final approval.

But it’s definitely a start.

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Photo credit: SFMTA [via SF Streetsblog]