The indie pop duo Maniac released their newest album Mania (on vinyl) today and to compliment their music the band also unveiled an unconventional music video for the single “3 Kings Day.” Co-frontmen Shawn Harris and Jake Grigg recorded the video on two separate continents. (Harris in Oakland, CA and Grigg in New South Wales, Australia) using two Macbooks with built-in cameras and the program iChat. Total budget for the video: $0.

[youtube mpHqduuBPZ8 580 425]

The official PR release surrounding the video quotes the band: “We’ve been using this technology since we first started writing together– so we thought, why not just record it?,” states Harris. “It seems improbable that we could start a group with an ocean between us; only five years ago, it probably would have been impossible. The video kind of tells that story—it shows how easy it is to forget, these days, that we’re not in the same room– or even in the same country!”

It’s such a fun, quirky little experiment, and the song itself is quite catchy. Enjoy. The album will be available for download on iTunes starting tomorrow. You can pre-order it on their official website.