Emil Amos is perhaps better known as the drummer for both doom metal drone champions Om and experimental post-rockers Grail — an impressive resume as it is — but he is also the mastermind behind and sole member of Holy Sons, who will be playing The Hemlock this Wednesday evening.

Having just released a new album entitled Survivalist Tales!, a string of shows to follow is the typical routine for most bands. But for Amos this will be his first U.S. tour, although Holy Sons has released over eight albums in as many years. It could be that Amos is simply supremely busy being the rhythm section for two extremely active mega-groups. But, it also could be that the material Amos touches upon in Holy Sons is not only wholly written and performed by him alone and is therefore difficult to carry off live, but it also delves deep within Amos’s own psyche, taking the listener on a journey of self-exploration and deep inner examination.

Survivalist Tales! does feel like an exorcism of sorts. The songs are a swimming mixture of Moog, live and electronic drum patterns, guitars, samples, anthemic vocal melodies and lyrical segments that are immediately relatable and surprisingly witty. It is obvious that Holy Sons is a labor of love. The tracks are seemingly effortless and are so palatable at times that they boarder on easy-listening or something closer to smooth jazz, but then just around the corner lurks a darkness that is borderline uncomfortable. And as it should be. Inner exploration is not relaxing and it is entirely enthralling to take this journey led by someone who has obviously put so much time and effort into a project that carries such weight and personal meaning. I’m positive the live show will be every bit as great as the recorded tracks, and in a room the size of The Hemlock it will surely feel like you are flipping through the pages of Amos’s journal — along with 150 other sweaty strangers.


Holy Sons “Look of Pain”

Holy Sons provides main support to Castanets and Dolorean opens.  The show starts at 9pm and tickets are $8.