An article published today in The San Francisco Chronicle entitled “Talent-poaching revs up among tech firms” shows how tech companies are battling for talent, especially in social media and other Internet based companies, that can stay ahead of the rapidly changing industry as the economy rebounds.

With expansions happening within top tech brands like Zynga and Facebook, hiring teams are in a frenzy to keep up with the pace of head count growth. Some companies are staging raids on competitor’s top employees, recruiting rival talents to field their growing departments. This is causing a flux in bonuses and counteroffers to retain recruited employees, pushing up pay at technology companies for employees with skills deemed in short supply.

Having personally experienced a rush of recruitment offers by my online media corporation’s rivals, I can personally attest to the changes taking place in this industry– If you’re looking for a change or even leverage for upward growth, now is the time to keep an eye open for outside opportunity!

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