SF Station’s Keith Mizuguchi explored Chinatown and gave us his picks on the best spots to eat like a local. He writes, “San Francisco’s Chinatown remains one of the most popular spots for both locals and tourists to congregate on any given day. But the area can also be intimidating with the language barrier, crowded streets, and unfamiliar items to pick and choose from.”

Here are some of his picks:

R & G Lounge

On the edge of Chinatown and the Financial District, the menu here features diverse Cantonese cuisine, including Anthony Bourdain’s favorite, the Salt and Pepper Dungeness Crab. https://www.sfstation.com/r-and-g-lounge-b1453

Bow Hon

This tiny eatery specializes in clay pots. And remember what we said before about specialties? https://www.sfstation.com/bow-hon-restaurant-b256973

Jai Yun

Unique is an understatement as you arrive, tell the staff the price range you are looking for ($55 per person and up) and await a feast of small plates galore. https://www.sfstation.com/jai-yun-b264447 (Read the article for SF Station’s archive: https://www.sfstation.com/jai-yun-a1982)

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