It’s hard to describe what went down at Rickshaw Stop with Dan Deacon last night. After setting up his motherboard and some extra speakers that sounded destroyed by the end of the set, he turned the club into a frantic dance-party sweatbox — and the crowd clearly loved it.

Whether he’s leading 1,000 people in an interpretive dance at an outdoor festival or rallying a small crowd into a frenzy (as was the case at the sold out Rickshaw Stop last night), Deacon’s shows are phenomenal. Where else can you pat your neighbor’s head, sit down on a grungy club floor and cuddle up with a stranger, and dance wildly in a love-fest mosh pit without giving it a second thought? And it all went down under the watchful eyes of a glowing neon-green skull. Musical bliss.

The footage is a bit raw, but you can get an idea of the scene.