Starting this spring, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department will be launching a pilot project on the east end of Golden Gate Park, placing 22 recycling cans at some of the area’s more popular spots.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, if the program succeeds, it would be extended to the west end of the park and eventually to others in San Francisco.

San Francisco’s mandatory composting law has required that residents properly sort their trash or face warnings and a fine. But until now, the rule hasn’t been applied to city-run parks.

“In public, unmonitored situations, we have had a low success rate,” Julie Bryant, the zero-waste coordinator for the San Francisco Department of the Environment, told the paper.  She said both the lack of cooperation and knowledge of how to sort items means that “improperly sorted recyclables and compostable waste get tainted and must be dumped in a landfill.”

The Department of the Environment and Rec and Park will be posting signs on how to sort trash and hope to be able to have volunteer monitors at some of the sites on busy days.

The Chronicle reports that Dolores Park is the only city park that offers outdoor recycling and the results since the program started two years ago have been mixed.

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