Craving some Burmese? Then you must go to Yamo’s! With only eight bar stools in the entire restaurant, Yamo’s epitomizes hole-in-the-wall. Located in San Francisco’s Mission district, Yamo’s is quite the hot spot for authentic Burmese food.

This little joint would be easy to miss, if it weren’t for the extended line out the door at all hours of the day– it really is that delicious! Did I mention the best part? The food is dirt cheap! $3 appetizers, $5 entrees, you can get an entire meal for under $10! Cheap, Fast, Home-cooking right in front of your eyes, this place is absolutely one of my favorite gems in the city.

Tips: order for pick-up, go with small group

Food Tips: mango chicken, pot-stickers,spring rolls with peanut sauce, samosas, coconut water, house noodles with chicken or beef

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