The first thing that comes to many people’s mind when they think Vietnamese food is the banh mi sandwich, a mix of French and Vietnamese.

The New York Times Style Magazine takes a look at some of the top spots to grab these tasty sandwiches around the country.

First, their criteria: “They all begin with a whole baguette, preferably baked in-house and dressed with an aioli spread. Then, they are infused with pork, garlic and fish sauce… and then filled with options such as barbecue pork, fried tofu or thick-sliced ham, the most common options. Ingredients are mixed and matched… but the common denominator is a bright, crunchy vegetable slaw made with daikon radish, shredded carrot and fish sauce, accompanied by sliced jalapeno pepper and fresh cilantro. ”

The article goes on to mention many of the top spots around the country before making its way to California, listing Saigon Sandwich in San Francisco and Lee’s Sandwich in San Jose among the best.

”Saigon Sandwich is a no-frills joint… but get the combo: fatty roast pork melts into creamy chicken live pate,” that according to the article.

Lee’s Sandwich is based out of San Jose and has “dozens of locations across the state.” A particular favorite is the banh mi xiu mai, which is made with Vietnamese pork meatballs.

The author does warn that the best sandwiches should always be on the inexpensive side and to “beware of the banh mi over $6.”

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