Part of the Living Legends crew, and one of the biggest success stories from the early 90s golden years of Bay Area underground hip-hop, Mystik Journeymen are back tonight for their first gig in Oakland in four years.

Comprised of Sunspot Jonz and Luckyiam, the Mystik Journeymen emerged from the streets of East Oakland “unsigned and hella broke” with a lyrical style and beats that set them apart from more mainstream rap acts like Too Short and Dru Down that were blowing up at the time. From a recent feature on Oakland Local:

“Often times, the Journeymen would be the only hip-hop act on a bill dominated by ‘mobb music’ acts – at the time the region’s dominant rap sound. Yet their live performances earned not boos, catcalls and beatdowns, but respect. “All the gangsters were like, ‘y’all got heart,’” [Sunspot] recalls of that time.”

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