With the Super Bowl coming up in just a few days, Wiz Khalifa’s ode to Pittsburgh, “Black and Yellow,” is blowing up, and other game-day songs — many of which are extremely bad — are popping up all over the Internet. Have a look at a roundup of a few of the more (barely) tolerable videos that we found.

First, the track that set it all off.

Wiz Khalifa “Black and Yellow”

Weezy, a Green Bay fan and pal of former Packers QB Brett Farve, weighs in.


Lil Wayne “Green and Yellow”

Sack You? What would Cee Lo say?

“Sack You” a Parody of Cee Lo Green’s “F**k You”

Green Bay Gangsta…

“Damn It Feels Good To Be A Packer”

An Aerosmith classic revised.


“Troy (Is Not A Lady)”

About as cheesy as you can get…

CWA (Cheeseheads With Attitude) “Wisconsin Love”

Did we miss a good one? Share your finds in our comments section.