A Bit of Bay Area DJ Scene History

Unlimited Creations: Filipino Mobile DJs of the Bay Area

Bay Area DJ history is at times elusive unless you’re from the area, so learning a bit about how different scenes and groups formed is always very cool. And better yet, learning of its cultural influence on friends is even cooler.

More importantly, as a “scene,” it touched the lives of many — if not most — FIlipino youth in the Bay Area in the ’80s. If you didn’t know of someone actually in a crew, you at least went to a party or dance where one was spinning. At its height, the mobile scene probably resembled similar mobile DJ-based subcultures including Jamaican sound systems, South Bronx party crews, and the UK’s Northern Soul scene: crazy creative energy, super loyal fans, and as I’ll address in a second, profoundly influential in shaping a community’s identity.

A glimpse into those “garage party” days.