Get them while they’re hot! (pun intended). Tickets for the festival on the Playa went on sale at 10am today and range from $210 to $320. Ah, I remember the good ol’ days when tickets were only $40 and you could spend the rest of your cash on creating art and costumes and goodies to trade. Oh, well. This year’s theme is Rites of Passage.

The pricing structure is more complicated than the federal health care bill. 9,000 tickets are available for $210 each (on-line only); 9,000 tickets are available $240 each, while supplies last (internet and mail order); and 9,000 tickets will be available for $280 each, while supplies last, or until 3/31/11, whichever comes first (available through mail order (cashier’s check or money order ONLY – NO CHECKS and on-line); lastly, the rest of the tickets are $320.

There is also a low income and scholarship ticket program (2500 tickets are available for $160 each; the scholarship program offers even lower-priced tickets), for which one can apply beginning January 26th. Which begs the question – how is a ticket worth $160 considered “low-income”?

Walk-in ticket purchases are also available at various outlets beginning Wednesday, April 1, through Friday, August 26, or until supplies run out.

For more information, go here.