Just when you thought the political antics of the new year had settled, city politicos have gone ahead shaken things up again. They are trying to redraw supervisors’ districts. This means, for example, that if you live in a progressive stronghold like the Mission (Dictrict 9) and the district boundary was altered to include a more conservative neighborhood, then the chances of a more liberal supervisor getting elected from that region would be diminished. This scheme could profoundly change the city’s political climate.

The Chronicle reports that, “San Francisco moderates gained clout at City Hall with the recent selection of Ed Lee as interim mayor and David Chiu as Board of Supervisors president. But now political strategists are looking long term, anticipating that the city may redraw boundaries for supervisors’ districts.

The opportunity comes once a decade, and the outcome can strongly influence the city’s electoral landscape for years to come.

“The redistricting process is synonymous with political muscle and can have a profound impact on partisan shifts of power,” said Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, a solid vote on the left with the board’s progressives.”

But don’t get all hot and bothered just yet. The redistricting effort will face a legal and public scrutiny before any action actually takes place.

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