Going to Star Meats, is entering a cute independent neighborhood grocery store, where you find quality products on each aisle. It’s also about finding great sandwiches that they make to order with the best of the best. Go look for the meat in the back of the store and then you will find them.

You can’t go wrong here, you will bite into crispy bread and great ingredients pressed together in the perfect proportion. They have a selection of 12 sandwiches filled with homemade cured meats, roast beef, turkey or ham.

They are all perfectly seasoned and each has it’s own personality and fillings. Don’t forget to buy a bag of chips and a beer, from their great selection, and sit outside on the benches!

This only happens from 11 am to 2 pm, everyday and it’s recommended to call and place your order (510) 652-7712!

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Photo Credit: Alix Lacloche