The Winklevoss twins are at it again. They are trying to wrangle more money out of Facebook, and this time they are in San Francisco trying to convince a U.S. appeals court that it (along with the thousands of other people who saw The Social Network, heh) should forget the fact that they were ever awarded a $65 million settlement so that they can go after the company for even more money. Yes, $65 million for really doing nothing. And now they want even more.

Was their multi-million dollar settlement not enough, you ask? Apparently not. Reuters reports that, “The twins argue that based on an internal valuation at the time that Facebook did not disclose, they should have gotten more Facebook shares as part of the settlement to the dispute. Facebook argues it was under no obligation to reveal an internal valuation.”

The Judge responded with, “Cry me a river. Get over it.” Okay, so maybe the judge didn’t really say exactly that – but he was definitely thinking it.

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On another note, yesterday MySpace (remember them?) was forced to cut 47% of its staff. Ouch.