How much would you pay for a really good burger? $10? $20? $50? How about $5,000?  The Wall Street Journal details how Hubert Keller of San Francisco’s Fleur de Lys and Burger Bar laughs in the face of the recession.  His new Las Vegas restaurant, Fleur, serves a burger that will appeal to only the most excessive tastes.

The fine print reveals that the $5,000 price tag also covers purchase of a bottle of Petrus and a couple glasses from Ichendorf.  Add in a Kobe beef patty, foie gras and more truffles than you know what to do with and you have effectively eaten my annual college tuition to UCLA.

After a disappointing trip to San Francisco’s Burger Bar, I will probably skip a trip to Vegas and invest my funds in a venture with a bit more ROI.

Anne Pao is a contributing food writer for SF  When she is not satisfying carnivorous tendencies, you can find her adventuring in the Bay area outdoors.  For more Pao reads check out her blog at