Want to have a nice little picnic with your friends in Dolores Park? Well, get ready to pay $100. The SF Department of Recreation and Parks is tired of picking up after you. They’re fed up with the PBR boxes and the dog poop and the Bi-Rite take out boxes, even if they are compostable, littered all over the grass like some Mission hipster’s sublet after a bender.

The Uptown reports that, “Fresh for the 2011 park-going season, SF’s Department of Recreation and Parks has decided to start charging a $100 “performance bond” to all Dolores Park picnickers. While I struggled to get anyone on the phone to tell us more about this fee, an employee for the Permits and Reservations office confirmed that the fee is in fact “quite new” and is a “security deposit that will be refunded [after the picnic] if everyone behaves.”

Hm. This looks like it’s going to get complicated. I can practically smell a protest brewing.

For the full article, go here.

UPDATE: Rec & Parks has clarified that the $100 deposit for use of the picnic tables only (which cost $27 to reserve) and not for picnickers on the grass.

Photo credit: Sad Bear/Flickr via http://uptownalmanac.com