Portland-based indie pop band Starfucker shares the first single, “Bury Us Alive,” from their album Reptilians set to be released by Polyvinyl Records on March 8th. If the single is any indicator, the group’s infectious dance sound will continue to spawn unparalleled live performances that turn to raucous dance parties. The album was produced by Jacob Portrait of the Dandy Warholds, which shouldn’t hurt the dance-floor aesthetic.

While we haven’t gotten a chance to hear the album in its entirety, word has it that mastermind Joshua Hodges has continued his motif of including small vocal samples of philosopher Alan Watt’s. Oh how we love the profound!


Starfucker “Bury Us Alive”

Here’s the track listing for Reptilians

1. Born

2. Julius

3. Bury Us Alive

4. Mystery Cloud

5. Death as a Fetish

6. Astoria

7. Reptilians

8. The White of Noon

9. Hungry Ghost

10. Mona Vegas

11. Millions

12. Quality Time

More info at Polyvinyl Records