I know, I know yet another end of year list post. But, worry not, it will soon be 2011 and you won’t have to read another “Best of” piece for another 12 months or so. Until then, however…Wired’s Gadget Lab Staff has posted their picks for the The 10 Most Significant Gadgets of 2010, which is kind of like People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive but for techies.

If you guessed that the Ipad was at the top of the list, then you guessed correctly. According to Wired, “If you’d told us in December 2009 that we’d be using the word “iPad” every day without giggling, well, we would have giggled at you. But there it is: There’s no getting around the fact that the iPad, silly name and all, has completely and successfully redefined what a “tablet computer” could be.” Also making the grade is Berkeley Bionics’ eLEGS, the Microsoft Kinect and the Kindle 3.

For the full list, go here.