This survey actually kind of surprising. I had assumed that every city would simply list “Chinese” or “Pizza” and call it a day. But it’s good to see that people too lazy to go out and actually eat in a restaurant or make their own dinner have a more refined palate. SF’s most popular take-out dish? Pad Thai.

The most ordered thing in Milwaukee, WI is the Crab Meat Rangoon from Chopstix. People in Philly simply ordered cookies (what?) while the city with the lamest take-out was – surprisingly – New York, which listed Cheese Pizza from Domino’s Pizza as its most ordered. And did you know that the most popular time to order food in nationally is 7:36 pm, and 50% of all delivery orders on Christmas day is Chinese food?

The survey info comes from Dotmenu, the parent company of popular online ordering sites and Broken down by city, Dotmenu reveals America’s favorite dishes to order-in in 2010:

* New York, NY: Domino’s Pizza, Cheese Pizza

* Los Angeles CA: Manas Indian Restaurant, Garlic Naan

* Chicago, IL: Rajun Cajun, Samosa

* Houston: TX, Blimpie Subs & Salads, BBQ Beef

* Philadelphia, PA: Insomnia Cookies, Cookies

* Dallas, TX: Milano’s, Rice & Beans Plate

* San Francisco, CA: Zen Yai Thai Restaurant, Pad Thai

* Columbus, OH: Gumby’s Pizza, Original Pokey Stix

* Boston MA: Fin’s Japanese Sushi & Grill, Spicy Tuna Maki Roll

* Baltimore, MD: MD: Hopkins Deli, Cheese Pizza

* Seattle, WA: Tandoor Indian Restaurant, Spinach Nan

* Nashville, TN: Best Wok Chinese Restaurant, Steamed Dumplings

* Milwaukee, WI: Chopstix, Crab Meat Rangoon

* Washington, DC: Wingos, Buffalo Wings/10 piece order

* Atlanta, GA: Wingnuts, Combo #1 (1Pound Boneless Wings, Regular French Fry, Two 12oz. Sodas)

People of Atlanta – check yourselves! Perhaps a collective NYE resolution to eat healthier is in order?

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