“Nothing is worth more than this day.”

– Goethe

That is the soft reminder inscribed on the blue paper wrapped around my sea salt caramel from Good Karmal. With operations in Bozeman, MT, the folks over at Good Karmal hope to offer a bit of good karma with each gooey treat.  The caramel is chewy, soft, buttery and sweet.  A happy Buddha decorates the front of the tastefully-decorated label and every caramel comes with its own inspirational quote for you to ponder.  Flavors range from classic vanilla to sea salt, chocolate sea salt, pomegrante, espresso, green apple, and chipotle.

With rave reviews from Vanity Fair, Daily Candy, Town&Country, Food&Wine and even Oprah herself, these caramels are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.  If you are looking for a perfect last minute gift consider the Good Karmal winter basket, which starts at $45 for 30 pieces of caramel.  Adorned with a seasonal snowflake symbol and stored in a hand-woven picnic basket this box of sweets smells like holiday.


Anne Pao is a contributing food writer for SF Station.com.  When she is not satisfying carnivorous tendencies, you can find her adventuring in the Bay area outdoors.  For more Pao reads check out her blog at http://sftaoofpao.com