Speaking of pizza…fav fancy pizza joint Pauline’s Pizza is celebrating its 25th birthday. In honor of this special occasion she’s going to wear a dress two sizes too small for her, have way too many shots at Casanova’s, make out with some hipster dude in a dark corner and then drunkenly shout “It’s my birthday!” while her friends try to drag her away from the bar before she vomits all over herself. Just kidding…she’s actually going to host a pizza party on Tuesday, Dec 21st, 6-10pm, with FREE pizza!

You’ll need to RSVP to get on the guestlist: Call 15-552-2050 or email [email protected] And expect a big crowd!

Pauline’s Pizza, 260 Valencia St. @14th

SF, CA, 94110

Photo credit: http://paulinespizza.com