The Food Channel recently posted their predictions for the top food trends of 2011. Surprisingly, their top pick is canning. Really? Wasn’t canning on the rise in 2009? I would have thought that eating local would be #1 but they pegged it as the third top trend behind more men cooking at home. Which leads me to my next question: Who are these men and where can I meet them?

For the full list, go to the post. But here’s a quick rundown:

The Food Channel Top 10 Trends for 2011

1. The Canning Comeback – “Putting Up” is gaining popularity for both economy and health.

2. Men in Aprons – Layoffs have led to more men cooking.

3. Local Somewhere – We care about hand-tended no matter where it’s grown.

4. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – We’re tired of being told what we can eat.

5. Appetite for Food Apps – Social media is our guide and our coupon source.

6. Small is the New Big Business – Corporations are thinking like small businesses.

7. Fresh Every Day – Rooftop gardens are just part of this trend.

8. Chefs in Schools – Better flavor is possible in an institutional setting.

9. Discomfort Foods – Change makes us comfortable with more change.

10. Eating for Sex and Other Things – We are working longer, and want all the gusto.