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Rickshaw Stop
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In 2015, scientists detect Gravitational Waves for the first time. My father was one of them. This is the story of 30 years of research, the discovery of a lifetime. I've been profoundly moved by the discovery, and Landing is an homage to my father.

Gravitational waves are ripples in space-time. They are caused by the most violent events in the universe, like the fusion of two black holes. They happen millions of light years away, yet are smaller than the size of an atom. It is mindblowing that we are able to detect them. Their Nobel prized discover will allow us to observe the universe in a way never before possible.

We had a unique opportunity to shoot inside of Virgo, the European Gravitational View Observatory, located in Pisa, Italy. Every shot is real, I wanted to show this machine that is huge but also precise at the same time.

Following the Ceremony EP, Zimmer's music keeps evolving. For the past 18 months, he's been experimenting and writing in the studio. Landing is the first track published from these sessions. It's a slow building track, dark and luminous at the same time, with the final piano melody only kicking in at the final climax. It works just as well in headphones and in a big room.

After years of DJ sets, Zimmer will play live for the first time. He'll be on stage with machines and lights, for an immersive experience of his music.



  1. Rickshaw Stop 155 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA