Wide Open: New Paintings by Clay Johnson

Event has passed (Thu Nov 3, 2016 - Sat Dec 17, 2016)
Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery
11:00 - 5:00 on Saturday
Arts, Art Exhibit


New works by Laramie, Wyoming artist, Clay Johnson who moved from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014. After relocating to Wyoming Johnson’s painting took a shift, evolving from an all over abstraction to that of multiple horizontal color bands stretching from edge to edge. Still essentially non-objective, the recent works nonetheless seem to express the wide-open spaces and ever changing light and sky of the Western prairie implying multiple horizons and foregrounds.

Clay Johnson is a process artist. He does not paint with brushes but rather spreads acrylic paint with a putty knife. Along the hard non-porous surface of the panels he works on he creates progressive layers of variegated color. Once dry he sands down through the layers revealing the underlying pattern, sometimes all the way to bare wood. He will often repeat the process building up a richness of the texture and subtlety of hues.


  1. Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery
    49 Geary Street, Suite 509, San Francisco, CA