Wheel Me Out

Event has passed (Thu Jul 11, 2013 - Thu Jul 11, 2013)
Madrone Art Bar
9pm - 2am
Clubs, Music
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Night Fever Disco presents...

DJs Guillermo & Chris Orr

Boogie, Italo, early house, post punky stuff.

Three months ago Guillermo asked Chris Orr to dj an edition of Night Fever with him. Orr said he would and suggested that Guillermo give him a call closer to the date. Over the next several weeks Guillermo called repeatedly because Orr never picked up his phone. However, unknown to Guillermo, Orr was actually hiding behind the bathroom door while his phone was ringing, transfixed by an intense phobia of picking up phones, no less. Also, Orr had given Guillermo his land line number, thus (or so, or therefore) he could hear the messages while he peeked though the crack between the door and the door jam.

Finally after three weeks of calling, Guillermo went over to Orr's place and knocked on the door repeatedly until he was let in. As he walked in the phone rang in Orr's apartment, it was Orr's auntie Elsie calling to wish Guillermo a happy birthday.

(Editor's note)
That's a spooky plot twist, huh? How did Auntie Elsie know it was Guillermo's birthday? She lives in a depressing seaside resort in the North of England and has never met Guillermo. And she called just as he walked in. Cue Twilight Zone music or music from one of Twilight movies, if you prefer. (End of Editor's note).

And moving swiftly along...

This was all too much for Guillermo, who had a complete nervous breakdown due to the shock. Orr, who had been been hiding, terrified, in the bathroom, had only one option; he bravely overcame his phone phobia, — albeit** temporarily — called 911 and told them it was a psych emergency. The psych people came by and wheeled out Orr and Guillermo. After two months of intensive electro shock therapy (in Italian it's elettro choc btw***) they are going to celebrate their new-found sanity by rocking the living [email protected]#$ out of Madrone this Thursday.

If you found this anecdote unnecessarily long, unfunny, entirely pointless, lacking the required 'hard sell,' and that the Wheel Me Out punch line was contrived and predictable, we don't particularly care. However, if the disco dancing tunes you listen, and gyrate, to frequently feature some heavy synth work (though work from light, easy-to-carry synths is also acceptable), raw drum machines, and bass lines that reek of the funk, then you need to find your posterior on the dance floor this Thursday for our installment of the Night Fever disco series at Madrone.

If you have difficulty in finding your posterior, Orr could possibly assist you with that since Guillermo is in a long term ship with his relations and isn't into that kind of shenanigans.

We'll also be showing shitty b-movie sci fi on the screens.

Beers, steers and cheers
-Jacob & Chris


  1. Madrone Art Bar
    500 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA