VOWS ~ DEAD PANZIES ~ TEARS CLUB (Psych / No Wave / Punk) $6-10 Sliding Scale

Sun Oct 13, 2013
El Rio
$6 - $10
Punk, Music


For Immediate Release
Sunday, Oct 13, 2013
Bands LIVE at El Rio
8p, ss$6-10, 21 and up
VOWS ~ DEAD PANZIES ~ TEARS CLUB (Psych / No Wave / Punk) $6-10 Sliding Scale

About the bands:
Vows - facebook.com/vows123
The composing trio of Vows turn pieces of life into sonic offerings like highway romantics constructing a bonfire: a creative spark and the heat of hard work are all they need to make their stories come alive. Comprised of three artists native to Northern California – Luke Sweeney on guitar, Jitsun Sandoval on bass, and Scott Tomio Noda on drums – Vows make a distinctly Californian sound which travels the trails of the human heart with the honesty and enthusiasm of a honeymooner’s old-fashioned jalopy rolling its way down the interstate. Vows songs are rich with tongue-in-cheek subtext, doo-wop inspiration, and informed nods to psychedelic stalwarts already in California's legacy – a la 'Sunflower', 'Da Capo' & 'Trout Mask Replica'. Vows extend an irresistible invitation – heavily perfumed with musky three-part harmonies – to sing along as they parlay the subjects and sounds of a lovelorn acid trip, and pack in all kinds of original surprises for the ride... - Tanner Grey

Dead Panzies -
Summer Jams-Grrl Power
Band Members: Jack Simon - Lead Singer and Guitar, Enrico Loera - Drums, Daniel Garrett - Lead Guitar, Lennon Woodbury - Bass, Pharoah Strong - Harmonica and Percussion

Tears Club - http://marijuanabeyourdog.tumblr.com
Garage-No Wave-Surf-Punk
About the venue:

El Rio
Telephone: 415-282-3325
Address: 3158 Mission Street between Cesar Chavez and Valencia. San Francisco, Ca 94110
Hours- Every Day 1p-2a.
Your Dive since 1978! Best of the Bay mixed queer bar with live music, karaoke, burlesque, comedy, dance parties and the finest patio in SF.
We're your neighborhood bar with a heck of a lot to offer and a local favorite.
Our drink specials are unbeatable and we're known for our beautiful back patio complete with heat lamps and a beautiful lemon tree.
Join us as we host the best bands from local and visiting talent!

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