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Rickshaw Stop
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Music, New Wave/80s Music, Metal
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Visage is a British new wave band. Formed in 1978, the band became closely linked to the burgeoning new romantic fashion movement of the early 1980s, and are best known for their hit "Fade to Grey."

Their new line-up consists of original leader Steve Strange and early bassist Steve Barnacle, along with Robin Simon (former guitarist in Ultravox from 1978–79 and Magazine in 1980) and Lauren Duvall on vocals. The band's new album, Hearts and Knives, was released on 20 May 2013.


Consisting of European and East Coast natives-- Matia Simovich, Bryan Gibbs, and Philip Winiger-- INHALT's core operative strategy is of sonic fidelity and integrity rather than nostalgia.

Here, they've honed their sound--sometimes referential to the raw electronics of Kraftwerk or the drive of Moroder disco--but ultimately their own interpretation of the border between the past and the present. What started with the split 12" for Andy Blakes' World Unknown imprint now continues with the "Vehicle" EP for Dark Entries Records, where the brutality of the analogue transistor rhythm section meets the sincerity of the human voice.


Hailing from the dregs of Oakland, CA is Metal Mother, the dark-wave, avant-pop project of musician Taara Tati. Ionika, the sophomore Metal Mother album, came out on the artist's own Post Primal label on April 16th, 2013.

Tati first drew attention to Metal Mother in 2011 with the debut album Bonfire Diaries, which made a bold display of Tati's unique use of heavy electronic and tribal drums, obscure arrangements, Celtic-melancholic vocal layering, and dark, analog synth melodies. The sounds came together in a way that pleased fans of artists such as Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Enya, and Nine Inch Nails.

Bonfire Diaries, and its mesmerizing video for the single "Shake," went on to receive numerous press accolades, including a "Best of 2011" designation from the San Francisco Bay Guardian which described Tati as "some sort of neon, acid-drenched wood nymph" and "a pop artist in the same vein as Bjork" with "a bold and elemental sound." BUST simply proclaimed Tati "definitely captivating" while MTV's Iggy website figured that Tati had "reinvented metal aesthetics for the sake of dark, tribal folk pop." San Francisco-based glossy SOMA described Bonfire Diaries as "full of beautiful, eerie, unfamiliar sounds," and Performer Magazine gave Metal Mother its cover.

Now Tati has made good on the promise of her first record with Ionika, a stunning sophomore set. Produced in a studio overlooking a harsh corner of downtown Oakland, California where homelessness and prostitution are rampant, Ionika came to be a mashup of the industrial, the tragic, and the etheric.


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