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Rickshaw Stop
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Ty Segall band, with Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, Emily Epstein and Charles Moothart.

The Ty Segall expedition gets farther and farther out with each and every record. And to every record, a tour – or three of four. For Ty, coming down off the Twins trip seemed like twice as far as it ever had been. He was a changed man, made different in the days between then and now, with more changes and big jumps dead ahead.

Earlier this year, before checking out of his SF Mission digs and heading down the coast for a new way of living, Ty fired up his machines, hit play and wrung a last helping of blood from his rock, creating a new set of songs.

Between two minds, between two places, on beyond Twins, Sleeper envisions a world of haves and have-nots. Sleeper is Ty-fi, for sure, engineered at home from beginning to end, the ultimate sonics accessed with a freak hand and an instinct for what makes a moment shine. Sleeper flows more colors than ever before through your mind’s eye, pushing the walls of the universe out just a micron further, making everything heavier and lighter all at once, to allow time to beam infinitely forever.

But that was then – the date of revelation draws closer! Now can the true nature of Sleeper be seen! It stands before you, blending almost into the fleshly pattern of its host, brandished as if to say, “Let Your Hair Grow! Be What You Be!”

Ty Segall’s Sleeper was released August 20th on Drag City.


"Scraper speaks to the experience of being a San Francisco punk band more than any other record this year -- disorienting, visceral, and desperate. T-shirt's serrated but intelligible vocal approach extends to unwieldy guitar riffs that impulsively lash out and lacerate. The first time I interviewed the band, we met in the converted meat locker where they rehearsed, a few stories beneath ground-level in the Mission District. Phantom carcasses of yesteryear lent the scrappy thud, wallop, and savagery that the rhythm section tracked to tape on Scraper." --SF Weekly's Five Best Bay Area Punk and Hardcore Albums of 2013


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Meatbodies are heavy, groovy, psychadelic and headbanging.


  1. Rickshaw Stop
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