Trace Evidence: A Cross-Cultural Visual Dialogue on Climate Change

Event has passed (Mon Sep 17, 2018 - Sat Sep 29, 2018)
Minnesota Street Project
9AM - 6PM
Activism / Cause, Art


Trace Evidence is a media exhibition at Minnesota Street Project in which visual artists Zhou Tao , Mo Kong , and Connie Zheng present works considering issues of environmental change focused on China. Trace Evidence will take place in affiliation with the Global Climate Action Summit and in partnership with SFMOMA Public Dialogue.

Americans look across to China and see the physical conditions produced by late capitalism, magnified because of the scale and speed of development. China’s industrialization and urbanization have degraded its environment in a similar but more accelerated manner than that taking place in the U.S. Trace Evidence brings together the work of three visual artists born in China whose work creates a unique space for conversation about climate change. These artists conceive of climate change as a hyperobject - a term coined by Timothy Morton - for something that can never be seen in its entirety, yet affects everything. According to Rob Nixon , climate change is a form of slow violence that harms and displaces people, but at a slower speed than that at which violence usually occurs, forcing us to rethink timescales. How are artists taking the visual elements of climate change, pollution, and extraction and making them accessible? How does art make something imperceptible into something sensible?


  1. Minnesota Street Project 1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco, CA